Prints without mounts Ordered Extra To Your Photoshoot

5x4 Print Only, no mount                                £2.50

6x4 Print Only, no mount                                £3.50

7x5 Print Only, no mount                                £4.00

8x6 Print Only, no mount                                £4.50

10x8 Print Only, no mount                              £7.00

Mounted Prints Ordered Extra To Your Photoshoot

5x4 print in 5.75x7  mount                               £ 6.00  Extras £3.00 each

6x4 print in cut mount                                      £ 6.50  Extras £4.00 each 

7x5 print in 9x6 mount                                     £ 8.00  Extras £4.50 each

8x6 print in 10x8 folder mount                         £10.00  Extras £5.00 each

10x8 print in 12x10 folder mount                     £16.00  Extras £8.00 each

12x10 print on card mount                               £25.00  Extras £12.50 each

16x12 print on card mount                               £35.00  Extras £17.50 each

20x16 print on card mount                               £45.00  Extras £22.50 each

The overall sizes of the mounts are the stock sizes

of some frames but can be cut to fit your own frames.



Aperture Mount


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